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The sub is chlorinated to 200 ppm per AWWA C652 disinfection standard. By reducing the risk of contamination and the out-of-service time for the inspection, NTEC offers a safe, economical alternative to traditional tank inspections.
The Chasing Innovation Gladius Mini 4K Underwater Drone is a submarine rated for a maximum depth of 330 feet. The device allows access to areas where divers will not go. The submarine can traverse  wet risers, providing full video of shell sections and appurtenances. The device eliminates these access issues and other confined space safety concerns. 
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Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 11.30.32

​The submarine is controlled by an experienced operator at the ground level work station. The video image is observed and recorded at the work station. Audio commentary is provided by the operator describing the conditions observed during the inspection. The video is saved then transferred to a USB drive to be issued to the customer.

Sub Inspection

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