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Sub Inspection

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The QY Sea FiFish V6 4K Underwater submersible is capable of reaching depths up to 330 feet and grants access to areas beyond the reach of divers. It is able to navigate  wet risers, delivering video coverage of shell sections and appurtenances. This submarine also addresses access challenges and mitigates confined space safety concerns effectively.

An experienced operator at the ground-level workstation controls the submarine. They observe and record the video feed directly at this station, while also offering audio commentary to describe the observed conditions throughout the inspection. After recording, the video is saved and transferred to a USB drive, which is then sent with the full report. 

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The submersible is disinfected with chlorine to a concentration of 200 ppm, adhering to the AWWA C652 disinfection standard. NTEC minimizes the risk of contamination and reduces the downtime associated with inspections, providing a safe and cost-effective solution compared to conventional tank inspection methods.
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