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​NTEC offers a wide variety of services ranging from tank  inspections to construction observation. 



Can't drain your tank  for inspection? NTEC's sub inspection may be your answer.



Let NTEC create a customized tank model incorporating your color scheme.


Nelson Tank Engineering & Consulting, Inc. (NTEC) was established in 1994. In 2000, a new office building was constructed on the Northwest side of Lansing to allow for expansion. Our Lansing office services Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.


NTEC provides engineering and inspection services for the industrial coating and tank construction fields. We offer third party inspection services for construction, painting and routine maintenance of water storage tanks. NTEC also performs structural inspections on elevated and ground storage tanks, corrosion surveys, coating failure analysis and lead testing of steel structures.


NTEC has developed design specifications for more than 500 painting and repair projects involving steel or concrete structures. We have, also, completed over 800 maintenance inspections on similar structures. NTEC's expertise covers industrial coatings and corrosion prevention within the water and waste water fields.


NTEC's staff consists of experienced engineers and technicians. In addition to extensive in-house training, inspectors receive additional training and certification from American Welding Society (AWS) and National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

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